We know why you are reading this. We know what you have been through. For the newbie of WordPress, sometimes it can be a challenge to create simple, innocent looking menu that goes on the top or side or bottom of the website. You search and search and search and finally email your theme support to tell โ€œHow do I create menu?โ€. So take a breath now and relax, because you know we are going to tell exactly what to do to get you off this hook. ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 1: Go to WordPress Dashboard


This is what your Dashboard might look like.

Step 2: Hover over โ€œAppearanceโ€ and click on โ€œMenusโ€


Step 3: Creating a menu

First you have to create a new menu so that you can add in the pages youโ€™d like to show. For that, click on the โ€œcreate new menuโ€. Then, type in your desired menu name and click on โ€œCreate Menuโ€ Button.

There you have your menu ready for next step.

Step 4: Actually creating a menu

After you have created your menu, itโ€™s time to add in the pages youโ€™d like to show in the menu. Assuming you have created all the pages you wanted, letโ€™s begin on adding the pages.

On the left side, you will see โ€œPagesโ€, โ€œLinksโ€ and โ€œCategoriesโ€ listed. Under โ€œPagesโ€, you have three tabs called โ€œMost Recentโ€, โ€œView Allโ€ and โ€œSearchโ€. In โ€œMost Recentโ€, you will see recently created pages being listed. โ€œView Allโ€ will give you the list of all the pages and โ€œSearchโ€ is very handy. If you know the title of the page, you can type it in there and the list of pages will be shown assuming the key phrase you typed is included in more than one page.

After you have your desired page/s, click on the check box beside them and click on โ€œAdd to Menuโ€ button.

Now you have successfully created your menu.



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